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How Does Book'n'share Work?

Book'n'share Buttons

Once you have created an account using one of popular email providers, you automatically get three Book'n'share buttons:

Green Button - for Private Bookmarks

Use Green Button whenever you need to save a link which will not be visible to anyone except you.

Orange Button - for Shared Bookmarks

Hit the Orange Button when you want to share your bookmark with limited group of people through email

Red Button - for Public Bookmarks

Red Button can be used whenever you want to share your findings with entire world. It will be displayed on main Book'n'share page along with other users' public bookmarks.

Book'n'sharing on Desktop or Laptop

Download and install the Book'n'share Button for your favorite browser.
When you find interesting information, just click your Book'n'share Button,
and the link will be saved and shared via email with other people at once!
You will get notifications as soon as someone read the article you shared.

Book'n'sharing on Mobile Device

Just browse the Internet using your mobile browser or favorite news app.
When you find interesting website or article, use "Share by Email" function of mobile browser or app. Type the button name as email address (like "[email protected]"), and click Send.
Your link will be instantly book'n'shared according to the corresponding button settings.

Viewing your Book'n'shares

Go to Bookmarks tab from your desktop or mobile.
You can see all your book'n'shares sorted by folders, with full information on how many people have actually clicked, read, rated, and saved your book'n'shares.
Book'n'share Widget

Install Book'n'share Widget on your website!

Book'n'share users will be able to bookmark a link to your website and share it with friends by single click from any browser.

How Is Book'n'share Different?

So how is Book'n'share different from existing social networks or social bookmarking services? There are two major innovations employed by Book'n'share:

Both bookmarking and sharing are done by SINGLE BUTTON CLICK

Each Book'n'share button is associated with predefined function, so by clicking specific button you instantly save bookmark using built-in sharing permissions. It is simple and fast. Most existing bookmarking and sharing services would require from you performing several steps in order to save and share each bookmark, at least - selecting or creating a bookmark folder, creating a list of recipients for sharing, and finally - confirmation "OK" click. It takes time and draws you away from the topic. With Book'n'share's single click, bookmarking and sharing process takes just a fraction of second - only a moment you need for single button click!

People who receive your shared bookmarks (Orange Button) are NOT REQUIRED TO SIGN UP

You form your own sharing network by customizing the list of recipients.
Members of your network do not need to sign up for Book'n'share service in order to use its features - open the links, read your comments and create their remarks, rate and even save your bookmarks!
This is a major difference from other bookmarking and sharing networks and services which require membership in order to perform even basic functions.
Why is it good? Imagine the situation when you want to share some interesting link with your your family, or group of friends, but you know that they are not active members of any social network. Or another example - you are working on specific project - let's say related to photography - and you found interesting link while browsing the internet or reading news using your favorite news application. So what you want to do is
1. Save this link using so you will not forget and lose it and could read this article later
2. Share this link by clicking Orange Button (Shared Bookmarks) with group of your colleagues or friends who are working on the same project and also interested to read and discuss it
3. Make sure your friends have clicked the link and read the article so you can call them and hear their opinion
4. Immediately continue browsing the internet or reading the news

This is exactly when your Book'n'share Buttons become useful!

Why Book'n'share?


Bookmarking, Sharing and Selecting the Visibility are done by just one click! You configure in advance the Orange button, so all subsequent bookmarking and sharing are done by single click. Green and Red buttons don't even require any configuration. You select the visibility (Private, Shared or Public) by simply choosing the button color (Green, Orange or Red respectively), so the entire process takes just a fraction of second.

People Oriented

Sharing via Orange button is aimed to specific groups of people rather than to a crowd as in most traditional social bookmarking services (although you can still share to everyone using Red button). You define the list of recipients which makes sharing more precise and useful.

Social Network Independent

Bookmark can be shared with any person regardless social network he/she is using (or maybe not using at all). You want to be able to share your data with anyone. However... Not all your friends are signed up or actively using facebook or twitter. But everyone has email! Recipient should not be a member of any social networking website in order to receive your shared information. In other words, you build your own social network adapted for your needs.

Real Time Feedback

There is an instant indication when your shared bookmarks are being viewed or rated by recipients. With Book'n'share you know (in real time) whether information you share is attracting attention of your recipients. You can also send a reminder to recipients if information you shared is time critical.

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