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Tamper Data Icon Redux


Open Tamper Data in the following ways:

With Tamper Data, Adam Judson has created a great extension for checking headers, tampering with data to be POSTed, etc., but he's (so far) failed to keep it "current" with the menu and toolbar gyrations of Firefox since 3.6. For a while, I was using fermmm's Tamper Data Icon to add the icon to my toolbar, but that stopped working after 4 (he failed to update the install.rdf's maxVersion). After contacting him, he suggested I just start a new plugin using his code, If I wished to keep it up to date.

So I did. Kinda. I used the base of what he'd done (thanks for the permission, fermmm), but expanded upon it. Using this add-on, you can now open Tamper Data from the Firefox 6 (and up) Web Developer menu, found under the Firefox button, via the Web Developer menu under the Tools menu (if you turn your menu bar on, but note that Tamper Data already has an entry there on the Tools menu anyway), an icon that you add to your toolbar, or, via a handy Ctrl+Shift+Z.

Please note the icon change in the 1.2 version.

Note: This add-on will not add the icon automatically. You will need to "customize" whatever toolbar you want to add the icon to!

Download files:


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