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Preloader (for Firefox)


This add-on can be used to load Firefox faster after a fresh system boot. It provides a command-line argument which when used preloads parts of Firefox into memory during boot-up.

Next we'll explain the steps you'll need to do after installing the add-on - sorry non-Windows users, for now that's what we provide since it's what we have tested.

1) Open Windows Explorer and navigate to "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox"

2) Right click on "firefox.exe" and click on "Send To -> Desktop"

3) Rename the just created desktop shortcut to "Firefox Preloader" (optional, of course)

4) Right click on the shortcut and then on "Properties"

4a) On the Target field append " -preloader" so that it now looks like '"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -preloader' (see screenshot)

4b) Click "Ok" and you are done with the Properties window.

5) Now drag the shortcut to your "Startup" folder (Windows's Start menu -> All Programs -> Startup)

6) You're done. Firefox should now Preload at bootup, similar to what IE does...

NOTE: Please note the improved load times noticed aren't magical most times but worth more than nothing. If possible, we'll try to achieve better results. Feel free to post back your thoughts, specially we would like to ear from you Mac/Linux users, since the extension is not only limited to Windows users.

Download files:


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