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Location Bar Enhancer


Note: The way this addon works, it is not possible yet to implement it in Web Extensions for Firefox Quantum and beyond. If some API are available in future for the basic features of the addon to work, I would have to rethink, and even then it would require a complete rewrite from scratch.

Changes the Location Bar of Firefox into a Breadcrumb display with rich and interactive features.

Location Bar Enhancer
  1. Displays the url in Breadcrumb Trail manner.
  2. Visually marks anchor tags and queryStrings for easy identification
  3. Provides easy to access context menu for each part reachable via right click on the text or left click on the arrow
  4. Quickly access the original url in plain text, either by clicking on the right of the last part, or Ctrl+(Hover/Mouse Move) on any part.
  5. Each part can be dragged and dropped to any location namely:
  6. Each url part contains a drop down menu which displays top 15 results from user history based on the sub-url of that part and also contains buttons to perform the following actions:
  7. This add-on also provide three shortcut keys:
  8. Each url part can be scrolled to get other related urls (based on User History and pattern prediction).
  9. Choose from pre-included four default Themes for the Breadcrumbs.
  10. Includes custom theme support.
  11. Status Bar can be displayed in the Location Bar alongside the Breadcrumbs and its width can be controlled.
  12. Displays a progress bar to indicate the web page loading status in the Location Bar. Various color options to choose from.
  13. Use the toolbar button (place it anywhere) or the shortcut combination (Ctrl + Shift + L) (customizable) to open the Options Window
  14. Includes a feature for detecting and replacing gibberish part of the url with meaningful text whenever and wherever possible.
  15. Middle Mouse Button and Ctrl+Click are handled where ever possible.
  16. And remember, everything is customizable via Options Window

Bookmarks Enhancer
As of version 5.1 onwards, this feature is not included in Location Bar Enhancer. It will soon be introduced as a separate add-on. This does not mean you cannot place your Bookmarks Toolbar right next to location bar anymore. Firefox supports it by default. Follow the steps to do so.

For version 5.0 and below:
  1. Disabled by default. Go to add-on preferences to enable it
  2. Combines the Location Bar alongside the Bookmarks Toolbar
  3. Effectively displays the full Location Bar and hides the Bookmarks toolbar when hovered/focused on the Location Bar.
  4. Quickly access the bookmarks toolbar while editing the url by hovering to the right of the Location Bar.
  5. Animation speed can be changed from normal to fast to no animation.
  6. Width of the Location Bar is automatically decided (and still can be changed via options)

Please do not report any issues in the reviews as it is very difficult to conversate via reviews. Report all the issues on the github page only.

Please try my other new Add-on : User Style Manager : An easy to use and light weight Manager for User Styles.

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For any issues, visit the github page here.

If you find the localized strings a bit weird (mainly due to Google translate being dumb), you can provide with improved localizations. or even a new language on the github page. To know more about localizations process visit this page.

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