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Question Marks History


*** This add-on supports all Firefox languages. ***

? History Entries
Comes from * Searches * Emails * Sites Login * Re-directions
Not only are these entries not useful, they clog up and slow down our location bar suggestions.

How much of such entries have we accumulated?
- To get a quick number, go to about:addons > Question Marks History > Option > Refresh.
- To get a detail list, go to history library and search for ?

*********** Relevant Add-on(s) to Play With ***********

How to create keyboard shortcuts?
- With My Keyboard Navigator. An add-on that lets us create our own browser shortcuts.
- Go to about:my-keyboard-navigator > Advanced and type in the Javascript code below:


// about:addons > Question Marks History > Option
window.Services.wm.getMostRecentWindow('navigator:browser').BrowserOpenAddonsMgr('addons://detail/[email protected]/preferences');


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