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SynoExt Torrents


WARNING! Migrate to SynoExt Torrents 2 - https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/synoext-torrents-2/ - if you use latest version of Download Station.

WARNING! This addon doesn't work together with original SynoExt. Please use only one of them at the same time.

This extension allows you to download torrent files from torrent-trackers, which require authorization.

It works in the following way:
1) once according context menu item is chosen, extension downloads the torrent file to your PC's temp folder;
2) once file is downloaded, it is automatically uploaded to my server (http://synoext.appspot.com);
3) file is saved on the server for 10 minutes, direct download link (which doesn't require authorization) is sent to Download Stations;
4) after 10 minutes time, file is automatically deleted.

Download files:


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