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LinkProtect Helper - Protect Links, Hide Urls


¿What is this Firefox Addon good for?

1 - Select a text from a Website or from a WebForm.

2 - Click the right button and choose "LinkProtect - Protect Links"

3 - If you are selecting the text from a WebForm, the protected urls that appear in the selected text will be changed there automatically, the protected and new link will appear in the place of the protected ones, at the same time the protected urls will be saved in your account so you can change them at any time!
The link you show will always be the same so you don't have to worry about changing it anymore, you will only change the urls protected with that link!

4 - If you are selecting a text from a WebSite, it will create the new protected link from the urls it finds in the selected text, it will save those urls too in your account associated with the new protected link, and it will show you the new protected link you can use to paste it anywhere you want!
The Data is alsawys stored in your account, so you can change at anytime the protected urls inside, the link you show will always be the same!


Always you protect a url or a group or urls, they are stored in your account!

This Tool was specially created for Posters, Webmasters, Content Creators and anyone who wants to share links over the Internet!

The protection and conversion of urls to protected links in a WebForm is automatic, try it!


¿What's LinkProtect and How it Works?

* It's a Link Manager that...

- Lets you modify links you have published on thousand of websites, from one place and with one click! (see: www.LinkProtect.com Manage Links), your modification to links will be visible at the moment in all websites at the same time! Now the power of links is yours!
- It shows detailed stats about the origin of traffic, globally, by links, or by tags you create to associate links between them!
- It lets you save mirrors to use later! (backups of the main urls) you will be able to use them at anytime with one click, try it!.
- You will have many domain names to share the same links, this way you can avoid website blocks of domain names and show a more professional and diversified contribution to those websites!

* An efficient Link Protector (links/urls)...

The LinkProtect.com Security System is updated day by day, with data arriving from many websites that contributes with us, and let us know about persons, networks and bots that abuse links all the time, making them go down or attacking them.

We count with Security Layers controled by the system, you can add your own security methods too to have better security (captcha and password), anyway automatic protection of LinkProtect.com gives 90% effectivenes, going beyond those services that only create a capsule for links, and don't protect them at all, if they give you an API from where you can access data with no security control, be sure a bot will also be able to do it, we have always have the control of the situation, we care about your links.

* Income Generation...

This tool was not created to make money, we are programmers and Internet professionals, we love what we do. We thought you already earn money from your links and we will protect them for you, anyway we decided to give more than the half of the income as motivation and as a way of say thank you for choosing us as a protection service!

As the use of the tool grows we will be giving each time more money, the reason is simple, ad companies manages the ads money and you are nothing until you grow, they pay better when you are bigger, and we can fight better prices or even sell ads directly when we are bigger too, so your support gives to LinkProtect the possibility to give you better income opportunities in the future, and as we don't have to give money back to Capital Partners, we can share all that with you!

You will be surprised of how many protection websites that are paying incredible money, make you put links all over the net, pay you one time, and then your account goes away and you loose links and money all at once!

Our idea is to keep it working, to keep it sustainable, so you can keep using the tool for years and feel that links are always yours, and that you are the person that owns that traffic for ever! Sound good? Other services keep thinking this is not necesary, we care about you, since we are like you and we have created this tool to skip that people!

¿How do i start to protect my links with the Firefox Addon?

1. Get an Account for Free at www.linkprotect.com

2. Download the Addon at the Official Firefox Addon Website:

3. Once installed go to the Firefox Menu:
Tools - LinkProtect: Config

4. Once you have put your LinkProtect user and password, each new protected link will be save at your account with the protected urls, and you will be able to modify them at anytime one by one or in groups, you'll have statistics, you will be able to download backups of the urls, and you will be able to make money!

¿If i have problems using the Addon, Will you help me?

You'll find at www.LinkProtect.com a feedback button at the right of the page (only for registered users), there you can reach our support team, and you will get an answer in hours!

Thanks for using LinkProtect.com!!!
The LinkProtect.com Team!

Download files:


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