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Automatically group tabs in Firefox Panorama by URL or page title matching regular expression pattern or containing specific text. You can specify multiple filters (rules of tab-filtering) per each group.
Since Firefox 45 this addon requires Tab Groups addon to work due to Panorama removal from Firefox.

Tab Groups addon will stop working since upcoming changes in Firefox 57!

Due to that fact the future of AutoGroup development is unclear.
The one probability is try migrating it to support some other tab grouping system.
I'm personally looking at Containers officially introduced by Mozilla and related addons:
https://testpilot.firefox.com/experiments/containers .
There you can get some automation by linking a website to certain container.

Would anyone be interested to see AutoGroup on top of Containers or some other solution? Please, share your opinion in comments or via GitHub. And thanks for using my addon.
Each filter has following settings:
If tab matches filters for several groups, it will be placed to the first matching group.
You can manually sort groups in order of their priority (first group's filters will be checked first) via AutoGroup settings dialog.

If you want some tabs always to be loaded in current active group, there's a "Do not group" filter list for that. Tabs matching do-not-group filters will not be moved from current group even if they match other group's filters.

By default, tab that doesn't match any of group filters will be opened in current active group.
If you want to define a default group for tabs that don't match any other groups explicitly, create a group, place it last in the group list and add group filter with following settings:

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