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Offline Restart Buttons


*** Version 0.2.5 is a hybrid WebExtension ***
Until Mozilla extend the relevant WebExtension APIs, this addon can only remain as a hybrid WebExtension. Hybrid WebExtension addons are supported up to Firefox 56.

*** This add-on supports all Firefox languages. ***

[v0.2.5] As WebExtension addons can only add one toolbar button, this addon now has only one button to switch between working online and offline. Right click the button and there will be menus to "Restart Now" and "Exit Firefox".

[v0.2.4] This add-on creates two buttons that can be used to restart and to switch between working online and offline. The buttons can be moved and placed onto any of the toolbars.

Where are the buttons placed initially?
For new users of this add-on, the buttons will be placed on the navigation toolbar on first run. Existing users who have placed the buttons on the add-on toolbar (which is removed from FF29 onwards) can find the buttons in Open menu > Customize.

*** Persistent Offline State ***
Although the addon does persist offline state between sessions, Firefox will be in online state (meaning there is network connection) from when Firefox start till the codes in this addon runs. For complete offline state, read the "Work Offline" section in Use the Profile Manager....

*********** Relevant Add-on(s) to Play With ***********

How to create keyboard shortcuts?
- With My Keyboard Navigator. An add-on that lets us create our own browser shortcuts.
- To use, go to about:my-keyboard-navigator > Advanced and type in any of the javascript codes below as needed:


// Work Offline-Online
var command = document.getElementById('offlineRestartButtons_offline');


// Restart Now
var command = document.getElementById('offlineRestartButtons_restart');


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