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Everyone has certain patterns that they display when they type. MatchBox learns those patterns for you specifically. The entire system is anonymous -- you'll never enter any personally-identifiable information into the add-on -- and the collected data only involves the way you type, not what words you type or what websites you type on. This idea is called "keystroke dynamics."

Once we've been able to assemble enough data, we can start doing interesting things like showing you how your typing rhythms and patterns compare to other people your age or gender, for example. We can also add an additional level of security to your web surfing by verifying that the user currently typing is actually you. But before we can do any of that, we need volunteers to donate their data by installing this add-on. Once we get the data, we'll begin working on future versions which allow you to see your own typing habits and patterns.

Intellectual Property belongs to Trestle Technology, LLC. Patent Pending.

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