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A version compatible with firefox >=3.5 is released and awaits approval by the amo guys.


1. If you want to tell me anything about disablemenu, send me an email(use the link in the about window) or whatever. I very rarely read the comments/reviews/discussions/whatever on this site here.

2. extensions need approval here and it seems the reviewers have very much to do, so if you need to update before disablemenu gets available here visit my website, maybe it is already there

3. I won't add an option to disable the titlebar! Even if it would work, it is evil. Use your windowmanager for this.


to the guys at http://www.babelzilla.org for translations.
some locales aren't completely translated yet, so some texts may appear in english language. I decided to release this version anyway because it's the first version for ff3.

This extension allows you to show/hide the main menu. I wrote it because the main menu in firefox was only spaceconsuming but rarely useful for me.
It adds a toolbarbutton(right-click on the toolbar-menu and select customize) and a keyboard shortcut (default: Alt-M) to toggle the main menu on/off.
Since version there is also a popup-menu-item to toggle the menu.
Since version 0.2.5 there is an autohide function. It is enabled by default and set to 30 seconds. To disable it go to the preferences menu and set autohide time to 0.
In version 0.3 I added an option to show the menu automatically when the mouse is moved to the top area of firefox.
In version 0.3.2 statusbar hiding will be available, popup menu and hotkey can be disabled.

I uploaded a minimalistic version of disablemenu, it can also be found on addons.mozilla.org here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7892

Download files:


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