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Transform strings into Title Case, Proper Case, Upper Case, and Lower Case.
You have 2 ways to change text. Either by right clicking on the field and changing the case or by highlighting and only changing what you highlighted. Keyboard Shortcut available in version 2.0!

I have made this addon available for community updates through github at https://github.com/joshuapack/TitleCaseFirefoxAddon

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS All you have to do is right click and Go To Options Page and scroll to bottom of page and select the checkbox Allow ALT Shortcut and hit Save. This will enable it forever, until you shut it off.

Suggestions: If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to ask at https://www.htdsoftware.com/support

Support: If you find you want me to add something or you find a bug that needs fixed, use my support system at https://www.htdsoftware.com/support

I have noticed a couple people putting bugs into reviews. That is fine, but I take my time to edit and fix these bugs and yet they leave the low star review without explanation after I fixed. It would be really nice to let me know so I can fix the issue if you would submit a ticket instead, that way you can be notified.

New 3.0 Update: Wanted to let you know this is a full rewrite using the new WebExtension format. I was going to use the jQuery Library to help with this, but I feel like it will cause more trouble than what it is worth. So, I am writing it in pure Javascript just like version 2.0 but instead in WebExtension format.

This add-on can:
- Access your data for all websites (This is to allow access to text on each page)
- Access browser tabs (This is to allow context menu to make changes to highlighted text)

Note: Please do not post bugs or problems in review as I will actively fix them.

3.1.4 Bug Fix
- Fixed bug where sometimes the ALT shortcut works and sometimes it doesn't
- Removed Context Menu CheckBox and replaced it to go to options page

3.1.3 Bug Fix
- A user sent a bug in where there was an issue with hyphens and quotes when using TitleCase. This has been fixed.
- Added new rules with StartCase as well.
- Possibly fixed issue where it stopped working on some websites.

3.1.2 Bug Fix
- A user sent a bug in where there was an issue with colons and parentheses when using TitleCase. This has been fixed.

3.1.1 Bug Fix
- Due to new re-write, it no longer had the ability to change text without highlighting. This is now fixed.

3.0 Added Features (Requires Firefox 42 or higher)
- Context menu to turn on and off ALT keyboard shortcuts.
- Full Rewrite of extension using new WebExtension

2.0 Added Features
- Keyboard Shortcuts!
- ALT+1 = Proper case
- ALT+2 = Title Case
- ALT+3 = Title Case (CamelCase)
- ALT+4 = Start Case
- ALT+5 = Start Case (CamelCase)
- ALT+6 = CamelCase
- ALT+8 = lower case

1.6 Added Features
- Highlighted text stays highlighted after Change!

1.5 Added Features
- Added "Start Case"
- Added "Start Case (CamelCase)"
- Added "CamelCase
- Cleaned up code to be more compatible with newer versions of Firefox

1.3 Added Feature
- Added "Title Case (CamelCase)" Which will allow you to change text without affecting the Camel Case (Ex: "thisIsCamelCase" Will be changed to "ThisIsCamelCase")
- Tested for Firefox 6.*

1.2a Fix (Version number was suppose to be 1.2.1)
- Fixed title case from not working on UPPER cased strings.

1.2 Added Feature
- Highlight text change.

1.1 Release
- Fixed TitleCase to Convert all Strings and added exceptions.
- 'and', 'the', 'to', 'for', 'is', 'in', 'a', 'at', 'an', 'from', 'by', 'if', 'of'

1.0 Beta Release

If you are looking for the thunderbird addon click the link below.

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