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Domain Pass Lite


After surfing around 10 different host sites, take a look at the lists by right-clicking the "DPL" button. Likely there will be a few guest domains under the filter list. Move any to the exception (opt-in) list by choosing > Exception.

Toolbar Button "DPL"
1. Hover over to see list of guest domains from the current web site (reload the page to refresh the tooltip)
2. Right-click to see the Log, Exception and Filter lists
- To move the domain out of the list, choose > Reset
- To move the domain from Filter to Exception list, choose > Exception
- To move the domain from Exception to Filter list, choose > Filter

Exception List
Initially, this three domains are in the opt-in (exception) list so that google translate and search will work on host sites.
- translate.google.com
- translate.googleapis.com
- www.google.com

- Name: extensions.domainPassLite.display
Value: 3
The Log list will display guest domains found on 3 and more different sites.

- Name: extensions.domainPassLite.threshold
Value: 7
Auto-filters out guest domains when they show up on 7 or more different host sites.

- Name: extensions.domainPassLite.privatebrowsing.useAutoFilter
Value: false
Auto filter is turned off by default in private browsing mode. Domains can still be added manually to the exception/filter lists.

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