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Password Hasher


Version 1.1.7
* Portable page is fixed! It was broken following the introduction of Firefox 4.
* The generated portable page is now compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer.
* Firefox 9.0 compatibility

Version 1.1.6:
* Firefox 3.6 compatibility

Version 1.1.5:
* Firefox 3.5 compatibility

Version 1.1.4:
* Firefox 3 compatibility
* German and Italian translations
* Longer hash words
* Other minor enhancements

What good security practice demands:

* Strong passwords that are hard to guess.
* Different passwords at each site.
* Periodically changing existing passwords.

Why you probably aren't practicing good security:

* Strong passwords are difficult to remember.
* Juggling a multitude of passwords is a pain.
* Updating passwords compounds the memorization problem.

How Password Hasher helps:

* Automatically generates strong passwords.
* One master key produces different passwords at many sites.
* Quickly upgrade passwords by "bumping" the site tag.
* Upgrade a master key without updating all sites at once.
* Supports different length passwords.
* Supports special requirements, such as digits and punctuation.
* Supports restricting a hash word to not use special characters. (New!)
* Saves all data to the browser's secure password database.
* Generates a portable HTML page with your site tags and option settings that allows you to generate your hash words in any browser on any machine without the extension installed. (New!)
* Can add marker buttons to unmask passwords on any web site. (New!)
* Extremely simple to use!

Visit http://wijjo.com/passhash for more information

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