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CSHelper is primarily intended to provide the necessary external audio/video capture tools for the Video DownloadHelper screen capture method (introduced as a beta-feature in VDH 4.9), when running on Windows.

To enable Video DownloadHelper screen capture: go to Firefox menu "Tools/DownloadHelper/Preferences", section "Capture", tab "Screen capture", then "Enable".

CSHelper provides modified versions of:
- the CamStudio recorder application
- the XVID video codec

Modifications to CamStudio related to adding command line arguments, so the recorder can be used without its user interface. Modification to the XVID codec only covers the hiding by default of a status dialog when the codec was used.

CamStudio is open source code, under license GPL v3. The sources for the included version of the application can be downloaded from http://www.downloadhelper.net/camstudio-src-for-cshelper-1.0b1.tar.gz

XVID codec is open source code, under license GPL v2. The sources for the included version of the codec can be downloaded from http://www.downloadhelper.net/xvid-src-for-cshelper-1.0b3.tar.gz

Download files:


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