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KRUX Inspector


AdOps pros industry-wide are using Firefox and Firebug daily to troubleshoot page level problems, investigate first and third party data activity, and sometimes just to learn more about how the internet really works.

At Krux Digital, we’ve taken these great tools one step further, developing a special Krux-specific Firefox / Firebug add-on called Krux Inspector. Upon download, Krux Inspector appears as a new tab in Firebug and allows you to go deeper than you ever have before in evaluating and understanding data collection activity on a given page.

What’s different about Krux Inspector is the breakthrough visualization techniques – all results presented within an intuitive, hierarchical visual framework anyone can easily navigate.

With this tool, we hope to enable new levels of insight, analysis, and understanding of the who, what, when, and how of data skimming and theft.

Download files:


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