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MTG Finder


Displays a popup with the magic the gathering cards found matching the highlighted words in the current firefox tab clicking the addon-bar icon, context menu or keyboard shortcut.

The search can be done in one of the following websites:


It's very useful to see updated cards description, prices, legality and more of cards from any website, forum or blog and card names in any language, fastly and without opening new windows or tabs.

While the magiccards.info search (screenshot 1) does a full access to the website (here you can also see the rulings, prices and more), wizards search displays only the card image (screenshot 2).
The ApathyHouse search shows you the price looker-upper (screenshot 3).
The Mtg.ru displays the card image and its data in a smaller popup (screenshot 4).
Tapped Out performs a search into its database showing up the card image, its data and the decks where the card is played (screenshot 5).
Blackborder.com search shows you the store prices, the comparison with other stores, card image and more (screenshot 7).
Gatherer search provides you all official data from the wizards database (screenshot 8).

Wizards, Apathy House and Tapped Out searches work only for english card names and magiccards.info allows several languages (including chinise, japanese, korean and russian charset card names). Mtg.ru searches cards in english and russian.

The website to search can be selected in the options page (screenshot 9).

You can also perform the search with the right-click menu (screenshot 6) or your preferred keyboard shortcuts.

If you like it, score it with five stars!! :-)

Download files:


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