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This addon needs to be updated but the team just does not have time, please do not download this addon till we do update it as it can have unforeseen results, especially with the newer versions of Firefox.

Thank you for your support and we wish you well.

Old description follows below:

New twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/MAFIAAFire
(In case you were wondering why $10.74 is our suggested donation amount, it's because the processing fees are ~$0.74)

It can be a pain to remember alternative domains when the main domain is moved or illegally seized.

Rather than mess around in your hosts file or keep a list of alternative domains and copy/paste this add-on automatically redirects you to the correct alternate site.

We have an extensive FAQ on our homepage: www.MafiaaFire.com
You can grab the source code for this as well as the Chrome version on our site, it's open source!
You can also make a donation there if you wish to!

Yes, this is the same plugin referenced (by and) on:
CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Wired, eZee.se, Techdirt, ArsTechnica, TorrentFreak, Yahoo, BoingBoing, ACLU, Associated Press, the EFF, Slashdot, CNet, PCWorld, ComputerWorld, PCMag, MacWorld, The Register, The Washington Post, The Enquirer, DSLReports, The Times of India - and thousands more!
(Simply try "mafiaafire dhs" or "mafiaafire" on Google or your preferred search engine!)

Download files:


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