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MAFIAAFIRE: Gee! No evil!


(The suggested donation amount is $10.74, after Paypal's fees we get ~$10 in hand)

***** OUTDATED. PLEASE DON'T INSTALL. ***************
This is just kept online as others who want to take up the fight against the MAFIAA can use our code / ideas as a starting base.
***** OUTDATED. PLEASE DON'T INSTALL. ***************

New twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/MAFIAAFire

Google has started censoring its "suggestions" feature because of pressure from external non innovative industries who have quite a few politicians in their pockets.

That ain't right.

Read more: http://mafiaafire.eu/MAFIAA-forum/showthread.php?tid=36

We are the same guys who brought you the world famous, over 100,000 times downloaded; MAFIAA Redirector (http://www.google.com/q=mafiaafire+redirector) and we are following up that success with the Gee! No Evil plugin to fight the dirty C word (censorship) in every way we can.

This is what the media thinks of our new venture:
(or do a google search for "gee! no evil" )

FAQ for the new plugin:

Download files:


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