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* About IYTE (Izmir Institute of Technology) *

The campus is located on one of the most beautiful stretches of Aegean coast just outside the city of Izmir. Comprised of 10.000 acres, it boasts an ancient Roman bath, its own waterfalls, olive groves, vineyards, valleys, hills, Mediterranean flora as well as landscaped areas -not to mention the breathtaking sunsets and dawns that must have inspired Anaxagoras as well as the builders of the earliest know olive oil atelier at Klazomenai some ten kilometers from campus entrance. Thus spannig an Edenic natural environment such as Antiquity knew it with expansive research and living premises and the urban facilities of an ancient, yet energetic, city of three million residents, the Izmir Institute of Technology offers a wide range of possibilites for the active, enquiring researcher and for the contemplative intellectual. Living, working, and natural leisure facilities as well as a large variety of student activities and sports are avaible on campus. Efficient transportation between campus and city centre is provided by the Institute via the Izmir-Cesme highway.

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