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Ever followed a link that says “for more information click here” only to find a huge web page which you have to search through to find the information that you’re looking for?

Ever had a friend send you a link to an article saying “hey check this out…” followed by “8th paragraph down, 3rd sentence…”?

Ever wanted to link to just a specific part of a web page (Maybe a forum post, or part of a news article)?

With Link-It, getting someone to read that ‘interesting bit of text’ is as easy as Right Click, Copy, Paste.

How to use:

Creating a Link-It – To create a Link-It URI simply highlight the text you wish to link to, right click and select “Copy Link-It to clipboard”. You can then share the Link-It by pasting the Link-It URI into an e-mail, instant message, blog post etc.

Viewing a Link-It – If you have Link-It installed, when you navigate Firefox to a Link-It URI the text will be highlighted on the page.

Key Features:

Simple – Creating and viewing Link-It URIs is quick, easy and intuitive.

Robust – Link-It uses a unique, fast, fuzzy search algorithm to locate the text even if it has moved or been altered slightly. This is especially useful when linking to forum posts, or wiki pages that may change over time.

Scalable – With Link-It you can link to text of any length, whether its one word or thousands.

Secure – Link-It does not copy any web page content to an external server. Every Link-It is viewed against the live page. This means that, for secure pages, the person viewing the Link-It must have permission to view the page that the Link-It URI points to.

Compliant – Link-It does not ‘break’ the URI for non Link-It users. If a non Link-It user follows a Link-It URI they will just see the original page without the Link-It highlighting. This makes Link-It URIs safe to use as link URIs on web pages.

Clean - Link-It does not clutter your UI with buttons, logos or intrusive interfaces, just one extra item on the right click context menu when you’ve highlighted some text.

After installing Link-It, here are some Link-Its for you to try:
Sample Link-It shown in the screenshots
What I aspire to be...
A must know fact for Quiz buffs

Download files:


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