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Dojo Firebug Extension


You can find latest versions of this addon at this url: https://getfirebug.com/releases/dojofirebugextension/ . Please the firefox folder version number that best matches your version.

Compatibility table:
Older versions:
Current version:
You can access all previous versions from this url: http://getfirebug.com/releases/dojofirebugextension/
Once there, please choose a folder according to your Firebug version.

Are you a dojo app developer? How many times did you find that having the chance to debug the HTML, DOM and also the javascript of your page was *great*, but at the same time you wanted to have a faster access to dojo specifics? Exactly...That was one of the motivations behind this Dojo Firebug Extension.
The idea of this extension is to provide easy access to some dojo concepts. Coding and debugging time can be reduced by having features to monitor dijits, access higher-level dojo concepts and specific dojo properties (instead of just DOM properties), see the available connections and subscriptions and be able to set breakpoints on those.

With this extension you can:

The extension is integrated with the Firebug inspector. You can right-click on a dijit element in the web page and it will be selected/inspected in the extension panels. You can also click the Firebug's inspect button from inside the extension panel and inspect only the dojo elements from your page.

Also, several new visual representations were added to Firebug to better identify dojo objects in Firebug panels.

The Dojo Firebug Extension started as an internal IBM initiative to help IBMers working with Dojo.

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