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Link Fixer Thing


I originally wrote this extension to fix a web annoyance I've had to deal with too many times. I use Hotmail as one of my email addresses, and I frequently receive email from eBay with that account. Email from eBay is typically full of links that utilize ampersands. Hotmail likes to change them from the original & to & within the links, rendering them unusable. This was a major irritation. Thus, LFT was born.

A second annoyance I see only occasionally are backslashes in place of forward slashes in page links. It used to be more prevalent a few years back. I believe older versions of Microsoft Office programs created links like this when saving documents as web pages.

The third major annoyance is the way Hotmail messages embed links within a javascript function. It interferes with my desire to right click on them and create a bookmark or open in a new tab, etc. So I added the ability to strip the javascript off of the links as well.

Middle-click fanatics will be statisfied in the near future. I'm undoing the Hotmail onclick event hijacking in the next release.

In the options dialog, I provide the ability to individually select which annoyances are eliminated. By default, only URLs containing the string 'hotmail' are checked. You may change this string or parse all web pages if that better suits your needs. Also, you may disable the extension without having to restart the browser, or you may turn on debugging mode to see what's happening in the JavaScript console.

To assist in the testing and debugging of Link Fixer Thing, I created a page to test each fix. You may find it useful to verify your installation. The test page is located at: *** web site down ***

I would like to thank everyone for your comments and suggestions. Unfortunately, it appears all the old comments are gone from the addons site. The best way to contact me is thru the following web form: *** web site down ***

Planned for version 0.6: Hotmail middle-click fix. Localization support.

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