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Your passwords are rather short? You use one password for several websites? Then hackers will have little trouble cracking your accounts. You need long, complex passwords. A new one for each account. And how do you remember all those passwords? With PicPasso.

Remember your passwords image by image
Create your passwords using several parts. Assign a picture to every part. PicPasso hides the pictures in a random sequence and shows the correct pictures, when you log on the next time. This way you will directly know your password.

Enables you to create long and complex passwords
Or just recombine your old passwords, to make them safe again. The passwords can be changed easily by rearranging the images or adding new images.

Use your own images
For your safest associations: use your own images.

Your password is not stored anywhere
PicPasso does not store your password, only your image sequence. This sequence only makes sense to you. So even if hackers have access to your computer, your passwords will be safe.

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