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Multiple Addon Deactivator


ATTENTION: At this point, my addon will be not compatible with FF 22 because of a changing in an interface. Im working on it and will upload a new version as soon as I can. Sorry.

With this add-on, you can (de)activate one, many or all add-ons, at the same time. Very useful when you want to test addons or functions to see whether one or more addons make errors with webpages or with other addons.

Now you dont have to click on each deactivate link. You can check each add-on, you can check ALL add-ons or you can say, I will deactivate all + restart firefox or I will activate all + restart firefox. Thats very useful and easy.

It shows activated, deactivated and incompatible add-ons (who cant activated when they are incompatible with other add-ons or with the firefox version.)

You can set one option that will M.A.D. activated when you say deactivate all add-ons. Thats great cause you can work with M.A.D. when you have deactivate all add-ons.

It works from Firefox 4.0/4.0.1. The plan to support Firefox 3.6 (Gecko version < 2.0) is died. It will take to many times to implement it.
I plan support for Thunderbird*, Songbird, Sunbird, Seamonkey* and Mobile.

Tested under Windows 7 (But XP should be ok), Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac OS X. When you test it under a Mobile version, please let me know it, to update the information..

Available in german, english and now in swedish. (Tested with Quick Locale Switcher)

Comming features:
- Addon groups
- History
- More states for incompatible and restartless addons (Have to check this whether
its possible or not)

Please create feature requests and bugs here:
(helpful for me, but not necessarily)

Download files:


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