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Carleton University WebCT Multi-Session


Note: This add-on is deprecated due to Carleton's choice to switch away from using WebCT. It will remain here as a reference. Feel free to fork! :)

For use by specifically Carleton University students, this extension will allow you to open multiple sessions of WebCT within the same browser session. Usually WebCT permits a maximum of ONE session open at a time.

Simply log into WebCT in one tab, and click the Carleton WebCT logo button which will open a new tab where you will be allowed to log in another time without closing the current session.

You can repeat this as many times as you would like, just ensure you are FULLY logged in (page has fully loaded) before pressing the button to make a new session.

Issue: If you refresh a session's page with multiple sessions open, it will display the regular "Error: Session Already Running" page.

Fix: Avoid clicking refresh. If you do, simply click the extensions button and start a new session.

Please report any additional errors or bugs you find to me!

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