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This add-on restores the ability of the menubar in Firefox 4 and up to support the display of large icons as it did in previous release versions. It also extends this capability to the new add-on toolbar. This feature can be useful for anyone but is especially useful as an Accessibility addon for those with disabilities such as Parkinsons and Essential Tremor where having larger icons improves the chances of clicking on the desired icon.

After installation, the browser Customize 'Use small icons" checkbox must be toggled before the icons placed on the menu or add-on bars will be appear enlarged. Afterward, the icons should then obey the Customize 'Use small icons" setting.

Note: This add-on only works with themes that have separate icon sizes for both large and small icon settings. Since the default Firefox theme, starting at release 4.0, only has one icon size for both large and small settings, this add-on will not show enlarged icons when using the default theme.

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