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SigBuzz Email Signature Marketing (Gmail & G Apps)


SigBuzz is an Enterprise Email Signature Marketing tool that enables companies to standardize and deploy awesome email signatures across a whole company.

SigBuzz integrates with Gmail and Google Apps email accounts. Once you install this plugin, SigBuzz will allow you to have awesome email signatures injected into your emails.

You can find out more about SigBuzz at www.sigbuzz.me


Email is today the #1 business communication tool. Here are some statistics you should be aware of:
An average corporate user sends 34 emails in a day
A company of 10 employees sends around 10 thousand emails in a month
A company of 500 sends around half a million emails in a month

All of these show the potential that outgoing corporate emails hold to be a simple, cost effective and yet powerful marketing platform for your company.

With SigBuzz, you can:
✓ Centrally manage employees’ email signatures
✓ Protect corporate brand identity in email comms
✓ Use email signatures as a powerful marketing tool


Email Signature Management
SigBuzz gives you the ability to centrally standardize and brand email signatures and disclaimers across your whole company

Professional Email Signature Templates
SigBuzz gives your access to a wide array of great looking email signature templates you can choose from. You may easily adapt from them and maintain a consistent professional brand image across the board.

Marketing Tool
With SigBuzz, you effectively convert your company’s outgoing emails into a streamlined marketing tool. You can integrate text and banner ads promoting your company’s products and services.

Signature Analytics
Probably one of the best features: SigBuzz tracks the click-thru rate of your email signature campaigns. SigBuzz provides you with Enterprise-class campaign analytics, helping you to accurately measure the effectiveness of your signature marketing campaigns.

Social Media Integration
SigBuzz makes it easy to integrate your company’s social network profiles to your employees signatures. We support Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, RSS, and more…

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