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Retweeter for Twitter


Retweeter for Twitter is a browser extension that adds additional features to Twitter.com. The extension adds secure trace-back (also known as provenance) information to retweets. This makes retweets more trustworthy, since you can determine exactly who originally published the content.

====================== Features ======================

* Retweet with comment button: Automates the process of copy/pasting a tweet so you can RT it with a comment.
* Back references for retweets: Retweets with comments are tagged with a "§" code that acts as a super-compressed trace-back to the original tweet.
* @-mention highlights: Tweets that mention you are automatically highlighted.

================== What is an §-code? ==================

Like @mentions and #hashtags, a §-code is a word embedded in a tweet that has a special meaning. In the case of a retweet, the §-code functions as a trace-back to the original tweet. §-codes make it easy to locate the original tweet from a RT, even when the RT is copy/pasted! Retweeter automatically takes care of hyperlinking §-codes for you (so you can click on them), as well as displaying the original tweet in the right-side, tweet details pane.

§-codes are only 6 characters long, making them much more convenient than adding shortened URLs (which are usually around ~20 characters long).

================== Upcoming Features ==================

* Retweet visualizations: See the complete, diagrammed history of a tweet, from the original down to all of the retweets. Sort tweets by popularity or chronologically. Or, view tweets in 'comment thread' mode, which simplifies reading long conversations by just showing the original tweet plus all of people's additional comments.

====================== Updates ======================

1.0.5 - 8/13/11 - Added compatibility with Twitter's new link shortening capabilities.
1.0.4 - 6/22/11 - Small bugfix for layout change on Twitter.com.
1.0.3 - 5/31/11 - Small bugfix for layout change on Twitter.com.
1.0.2 - 5/25/11 - Made the "Retweet with Comment" dialog more intuitive.
1.0.1 - 5/2/11 - Initial release for Firefox.

Also available for Google Chrome.

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