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All your branding are belong to Firesomething. This extension will give Firefox an identity crisis by generating a new randomized browser name every time you open a new window. Confuse your friends and family with names like "Mozilla Firebadger" and "Mozilla Poweroyster". It's as fun as you want it to be!

- Modifies the product name in the browser titlebar, Help menu, and About dialog titlebar.
- Generates random names using multiple name lists.
- Allows you to have a new name generated for each browser window, or use the same name for all windows.
- Optionally modifies the browser's User-Agent string to reflect your custom browser name.
- Allows you to easily change the image in the About dialog.
- Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+` (grave accent) in the browser window generates a new product name.
- Adds about:firefox and about:firesomething, newly discovered passages from the Book of Mozilla.

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