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==== This Add-On is no longer necessary and no longer maintained.
==== Instead, get my Padlock Add-On and configure it show an icon on insecure sites.

This addon was an experiment

This addon will show an Anti-Padlock. It reverses the semantic of the classic padlock.

Whenever the classic padlock would be showing in a secure state, this addon will show no icon.

Whenever the classic applications would shown an open padlock, or a broken padlock, or not showing a padlock at all, this addon will show a reminder icon, that no security is in place.

(For local content such as about:, file:, chrome:, no warning icon will be shown.)

My responses to review comments:
@MozillaUser233: I want to make sure the icon looks really different from the good lock, so I would like to use a color really different than golden. But I agree that an open padlock makes sense. In order to address both issues, I've changed the icon to a black open padlock.

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