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SSL Button


There are many add-ons which add improved indicators for whether SSL is in use. The purpose of this add-on is to allow the user to take action. We offer a simple button which allows them to switch to the secured page. The button also provides a convenient indication of the user's security level.

An example:
If you are on http://www.google.com, there is no indication that https://www.google.com exists.

If you go to http://www.google.com with the SSL Button, it will light up red, letting you know that there is an SSL enabled version of your page. When you click it, it switches you to the https:// version of the site (after checking that the SSL certificate is valid) and the button turns green to let you know you are secure.

This button checks whether SSL is available (and checks to make sure that the certificate has been validated by the browser) on the current page, and allows the user to go to the SSL enabled site.

Color Explanation:
Red => Secure connection is available, click the button to switch to it.
Green => Secure connection in use. If you click the button, you will switch to insecure connection (if available).
Yellow => The secure version of the page is untrusted. Click the button to return to the normal page.
Grey => A secure connection is unavailable for this page. You may want to email the webmaster and ask why!


This is a project of the Working-group on Applied Security & Privacy (WASP) at the University of California Santa Cruz.

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