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Using SlyFox

SlyFox is a privacy extension. Use it to cover up your private tab content with content from another dummy website. All you do is hit the 'F2' button and you can toggle the content of the tab. Say you are looking at privatestuff.com and you have cnn.com as your cover page, when you hit 'F2' the cnn.com content will cover privatestuff.com. Here are some usage tips.

1 - You toggle the tab content by hitting the 'F2' button or right clicking and choosing SlyFox > Toggle Tab.

2 - You enable password protection for the private content by right clicking and choosing SlyFox > Lock Tab. This will
cover the private content and you can only switch back when you enter a password.

3 - You can choose 5 private addresses which you specify in the Settings dialog.


The settings window is accessed by going to Tools > SlyFox from the Firefox Menu Bar.

1 - Cover URL -
enter the URL of the website you want to act as a dummy.

2 - Clear private addresses from history -
check to clear your history of all the saved private URLs you visited.

3 - Clear all associated domains -
clears not only .com but .net and .org. e.g. not only wikipedia.org but also wikipedia.net and wikipedia.com.

4 - Hide tab content on private address load -
when you type in a saved private address and it loads, the dummy automatically hides the tab content. It may be annoying especially on page refresh so you can uncheck.

5 - Hide tab title and icon on leaving tab
when you switch from the tab with the private content, or you open another tab, the title and the icon of the tabs with the private content is changed to the dummy title and icon.

6 - Hide tab content on private tab selection -
when you select a private tab that was not toggled to hide content, this automatically hides the private content when you click on the tab.

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