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Simplify Awesome Bar


*** Version 0.5.1 is a hybrid WebExtension ***
Currently, WebExtensions (the new API for Firefox 57+) does not have the relevant support (focus to awesome bar and keyboard events over the browser itself) for the correct operation of this addon. As such, this addon can only remain as a hybrid WebExtension. Hybrid WebExtension addons are supported up to Firefox 56.


Type when the cursor is not in any input-able field and this extension will bring us straight into the Awesome Bar (aka URL Bar, Location Bar...).

Selected Text
Selected text will go together with the typed letter into the Awesome Bar. Example if the word toys is selected and s typed, s toys will appear in the Awesome Bar.

Bookmark Keyword
If a bookmark keyword has been set to google and we want to use it, continuing typing the letters google will get us google toys as the caret (cursor) will always be beside the first typed letter.

Space Bar
If we just want the selected text to go into the Awesome Bar, just press the space bar.

Read [when the extension doesn't seems to be working]
When Firefox built-in "Search for text when I start typing" option is selected, this extension won't work. Leave the option unchecked and use "Find As You Type Text" shortcut "/" instead.

*** From v0.4.8 onwards, a IME checkbox has been added in about:addon > Extensions > Simplify Awesome Bar > Options. By enabling it, the addon will ignore the 1st typed letter and just bring the cursor to the Awesome Bar. ***

*********** Relevant Add-on(s) to Play With ***********

How to use keyword bookmarks in context menu?
- With Keyword Bookmarks . This addon adds keyword bookmarks retrieved from bookmarks that have keywords in them on the context menu.

*********** Common Firefox Knowledge ***********

[Firefox Default]
1: Firefox Shortcut ~ To open address/search-terms in new tab, just hit Alt+Enter (Opt+Enter for Mac) at awesome bar.

2: Firefox - Changing Results on the Fly
- Add ^ to search for matches in our browsing history
- Add * to search for matches our bookmarks
- Add + to search for matches in pages we've tagged
- Add @ to search for pages that have URLs that match what we've typed
- Add # to search for pages that have titles or tag names that match what we've typed
- Add % to search for pages in currently open tabs that match what we've typed

How to create keyboard shortcuts?
- One possible way is using the add-on My Keyboard Navigator that lets us create our own browser shortcuts.
- Go to about:my-keyboard-navigator > Advanced and copy the javascript codes below:

// Enable-Disable "Simplify Awesome Bar"
window.AddonManager.getAddonByID('[email protected]', function(aAddon) { aAddon.userDisabled = !aAddon.userDisabled; });

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