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TimeLapse for Firefox


TimeLapse for Firefox is an addon for creating time-lapse recordings from any webcam/surfcam/IP camera that supports single snapshot images, pretty much most do, all you need is the URL of the cameras snapshot image.

Once installed a new icon is added to the Status Bar (Addon Bar in Firefox 4, enabled by View > Toolbars > Addon Bar). Clicking the TimeLapse for Firefox main icon shows/hides the controls, this is to save space on the status bar. To create a time-lapse recording enter the cameras snapshot URL by clicking the camera icon, select the file location to store the images by clicking the File icon, the set the interval between images (in seconds) and click the record button. To play the recording, just click play. You can also pause the recording by clicking the Record button, this will allow you to view what you've created so far (Pause indicated by PSE in the countdown timer). To continue where you left off, click record again and the countdown timer will resume. Whilst playing the recording, you can also step forward and back single frames by clicking the Step Forward and Step Back icons. If you wish to view the images as they're being recorded, tick the SB tickbox. All user defined settings are loaded on open.

For example, the Foscam snapshot image URL is in the format like
The very popular AXIS PTZ camera is usually in the format http://c-cam.uchicago.edu/jpg/image.jpg

I also recommend you move the Sidebar to the right, this can be done by installing the Rightbar addon. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/rightbar/

Full description of the controls (left to right)

1:- Show/Hide controls.
2:- Set camera URL.
3:- Set file location where the Time-Lapse images will be stored.
4:- Record button, also acts as a pause button if recording's in progress.
5:- User defined interval between images (in seconds). Also acts as a countdown timer.
6:- SB tickbox, Ticking this the recorded image is displayed in the Sidebar in real time.
7:- Play button to view the Time-Lapse.
8:- Play button delay between images (in Milliseconds) 80 is a good value.
9:- Stop button, stops record or play.
10:- Current image indicator.
11:- Rewind (when playing)
12:- Step forward (when playing)
13:- Status indicator. (IDLE, PLAY, REC)

Hope you enjoy it.

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