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Groove Shredder


Terms and Conditions of Use
It is imperative that the end-user of this add-on be aware that downloading music is expressly against Grooveshark's terms of use. If the terms and conditions listed here are unacceptable to you, Grooveshark requests that you discontinue use of the service.

Why this Add-on Exists
This add-on incorporates several interesting behaviors that may be of interest to other developers. A github repository is maintained for availability of the source code.

What the Add-on Does
This add-on enables you to download mp3 files directly from Grooveshark. After installation, a toolbar button will appear which allows you to easily toggle Groove Shredder on or off. When enabled, Groove Shredder will add a download button to Grooveshark's Now playing section, and a link to the preferences at the top of the page.

The default filename, the download location, as well as automatic downloading are customizable in the preferences.

This add-on is known (and is supposed) to work cross-platform.

Download files:


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