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Amazon Cloud Player

If you don't like default keyboard shortcuts, you can change them by going to Tools > Add-ons, scrolling to keyMazony item and clicking Preferences. Now in keyMazony Options window, click inside input box of shortcut you want to change (so it has focus) and then press any allowed keyboard combo. If it is valid, it should change immediately for your usage pleasure :)

Default "Playback control" keyboard shortcuts

Default "Sound Control" keyboard shortcuts:

API server (for advanced users)
keyMazony API server ( internally known as acpAPI ) listens to HTTP 1.1 requests ( to specified port, with default tunned to 9900 ), those can be used to remotely control Amazon Cloud Player interface, who is siting inside Firefox. More info.

Note: to successfully use one of these keyboard shortcuts, be sure that focus isn't on flash object. If keyboard shortcuts aren't working, you can try to assign your own ones in keyMazony Options window or open new empty tab and try from there.

Issues? Report them in http://github.com/intarstudents/keyMazony/issues

Download files:


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