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Annotea Ubimarks


Implements Annotea social bookmarks and topics (tags) in Mozilla.

New bookmarks and topics can be added to, deleted from, and updated at the local bookmark files. These files can be kept local or published on the Web. WebDAV URIs can be used to make updating published bookmark files as easy as local files.

Among other things, bookmark files can be used to find information related to current page, to explore selected tag/topic hierarchies, find bookmarks under selected tags/topics in the hierarchy or hierarchy facets. Several local or global bookmark files can be selected to be queried at the same time. A user can subcribe to combine a shared topic hierarchy file with several bookmark files each written by a collaborator in a group. This way a user can always see the current situation of that group's bookmarks.

The bookmarks files can be also presented as Web pages when a suitable XSLT stylesheet link is added to the page.

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