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How does Careplane work?

Whenever your browser lands on a search results page from a supported travel site (Kayak, Orbitz, etc.), Careplane is activated. The plugin scans your results page, extracts flight information, and submits these details to Brighter Planet CM1, a carbon calculation web service. When the calculations are complete, Careplane inserts them into your results page unobtrusively, allowing you to consider environmental impact as your compare your options.

Why should I care?

Because climate change is affecting all of us! We don't expect anybody to spend twice as much to take a green flight. But more often than not, going green is only $1 or so away—sometimes it's even cheaper. Careplane uses a sophisticated calculation methodology that considers more than a dozen factors, including aircraft type and projected passenger load. Bottom line: it's better to know than not, right?

Does Brighter Planet collect my search data?

Brighter Planet does collect completely anonymous statistics on flights commonly searched and chosen. We use this data to see overall trends in airline emissions and how emissions information can improve purchasing decisions. You can view Brighter Planet's privacy policy here: http://brighterplanet.com/privacy_policy.

More details at careplane.org.

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