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Donbaleh Assistant


Donbaleh.com is a prominent social news website targeted at Persian audience.

With Donbaleh Assistant you are able to instantly submit to Donbaleh, any stories you come across while surfing the Web.
It thus provides an opportunity for a more efficient and faster activity on the site.


- Checking URLs to prevent duplicate submissions
- Ability to open Donbaleh and its submission page with a single click
- Ability to vote the pages you are viewing if they have already been sent to Donbaleh
- Ability to share the same content on various Web 2.0 sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, ...)
- Easy access to your profile
- Automatic update of userbar
- Desktop notification for new PMs and notifications
- Display of extra options in popups when one hovers over links
- Ability to sort submited links on Donbaleh pages
- Live events optimization

Download files:


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