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AppMenu Opener


Note: This addon will cease working, aside of the fact the the AppMenu button is not visibile anymore under normal conditions, with release of Firefox 57 due to Mozillas decision to drop support for the Addon-SDK and only supporting WebExtensions as programming interface.
WebExtensions do not provide the required functionality to make this addon work.


User request: "Would it be possible to make an addon that would focus the App Menu button in FX4? I think hovering over the app button and have it open is better then having to click on it."

Note: The Menu App Button is only available on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but not on Windows XP.

Note: This addon was developed for the Firefox 4 user interface. Since Firefox 29 a different design (Firefox Australis) is used, thus compatibility on these versions can't be guaranteed.

Please don't use the 'review' to report download errors. Download issues are not caused by the extension, but by one of the many AMO download mirrors. If you have problems with the installation try to download the extension with browser different from Firefox and than drag and drop the archive in the add-on window and after that restart.

Please send me an email if you have any questions or if you have patches for additional features.

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