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Simple Currency Converter


Version 2.1.9 is broken please update to version 2.1.10:

Simple Currency Converter Add-on automatically converts prices (US Dollar, Euro, British Pound and Russian Ruble) to selected currency on every web page.

Foreign currency rates provided by Exchange Rates UK.
Quote from official website:
Here at Exchange Rates UK, we have just started to switch to using multiple inter bank rate sources, as opposed to the original European Central Bank source. This means we can offer live rates that are correct within 5 mins as opposed to a single daily rate!
Our new currency calculator can be seen to the right of this text, called Currency Calculator LIVE. It's fast and up-to-date and tells you the time/date of the latest source!
Please note, these values are only to be used as a guide and are not actual buyable rates.

Click Add-on icon, button or menu item to toggle between original and converted prices.

* Automatic detection of regional settings
* ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+L shortcut for toggling between original and converted prices.
* Detect prices in various formats.
* Custom price formatting
* 124 target currencies supported
* Restore (and convert back) by clicking on the Add-on icon/button
* Add-on button for Firefox toolbar
* Add-on menu item in Firefox menu (found under tools)

Usage video demonstration:

If you like the Simple Currency Converter Add-on and want to support the developer please try the alternative eBay Search www.geo-ship.com.
It is absolutely FREE service and has the ability to search most of the eBay sites at once! By searching with that service I will be awarded by eBay and this will give me extra motivation to develop and improve the Add-on:)

Download files:


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