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Amazon Local Currency


The script adds the price in your currency to each price tag on Amazon.
It will actually work on any other site too :)

The new version checks daily currency rates through Yahoo.

Supported websites:

If you do not wish to have converted rates on one of the Amazon sites, just remove its entries from the "Included Pages" list in the greasemonkey user script manager.

Usage instructions:
Visit Amazon.com or other supported websites. The script will be activated.
The default settings convert the website's currency to Israeli Shekels.

If you would like different settings, follow these steps:
1) Right click on the Greasemonkey icon (or the Greasemonkey item in the tools menu) and under "user script commands" choose "Change local currency".

2) A pop up box will appear, asking you for a new local currency.
The currency is a 3-letter code.
To find the code of your currency, visit http://finance.yahoo.com/currency and look it up on the list.

3) After changing the currency, there is another setting to change: the local currency symbol that will be displayed after the converted price. Like the currency setting, you can find this setting under the "user script commands".

Download files:


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