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TabCorral – Better Than Bookmarking
Almost every aspect of the web browser has evolved since Netscape Navigator 1.0 hit the market – except bookmarking. Others may claim that bookmarking works fine if users are organized but it became clear to us that it’s the system that is broken, not the user.

That’s why we developed TabCorral, the Firefox add-on that is better than bookmarking. It helps users organize their links, making them easier to find later. When users want to save a web page, they right-click it and choose “Add to Corral.” They have the choice of adding it to an existing Corral or quickly creating a new one.

What makes TabCorral truly unique is that users can then open all the web pages in a Corral into their own individual tabs with just one click. Users can also preview screen shots of the pages in a corral and open the pages individually.

TabCorral Pro, the paid version of the add-on, features a cloud-enabled sync option so users can seamlessly work with all their Corrals at the office, at home, and on their laptop. TabCorral Pro also allows users to share their Corrals publicly or privately – even with those who don’t have TabCorral themselves.

When combined with other cloud-enabled services like Google Docs and Basecamp, TabCorral Pro turns into a “virtual desk” and a powerful collaboration tool for online groups including business teams, hobbyists, and researchers who want to share links with one another.

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