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When you think of search, most think of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But a growing number of searches are done on smaller, fine-tuned sites like Yelp, SoundCloud, or IMDb. Boounce produces these search engines on demand in your browser and discreetly when you search Google.

"...a great example of how tools can make searching much more fun... lets you easily jump between various search engines and discover more topical search databases." --MakeUseOf.com

"The Best Firefox Add-Ons Of 2011" -- Ghacks

Watch this screencast (4:26) to see how Boounce incorporates 1000+ search engines into your browser and into Google and Bing.

Boounce discreetly suggests specialty search engines inside your Google search results (pic) (This feature can be disabled)
- Suggestions based on your query
- Weed out duplicate results while boouncing between Google, Bing, and Blekko (pic)
- Display alternative search icons horizontally or vertically

Optional, hideable, dynamic toolbar with 1000+ search engines (pic) (This feature can be disabled)
- Toolbar can be toggled open and closed with a single click
- Browse and search for groups of sites to compare
- Suggest groups of sites to search based on your current site (No spying needed for this. See privacy policy).
- Add/Delete/Organize sites and groups via simple drag and drop
- Right-click on webpage search fields to add your own boounceable sites
- Share groups and sites with others

New in 0.5--
- Highlight text on a webpage to boounce it
- Suggest groups of sites to search as you type in the toolbar search field

Search engines Included:

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Blekko, Twitter, Ask, WolframAlpha, Duck Duck Go, Lycos, Snap, Amazon, Flicker, IceRocket, Twicsy, Youtube, VideoSurf, Omgili, SocialMention, Wikipedia, and over 1000 others. Full Search Engine List.

Search engines in the default theme are organized into groups:

Search, Images, Video, Downloads, Shopping, Social, White Pages, Yellow Pages, Music, Gaming, News, Torrents, Finance, Jobs, Real Estate, Weather, Programming, Health, Apps, etc.


- Tested with FastestFox, Xmarks, SimilarWeb, StumbleUpon, and Google Toolbar
- Advised to "Allow all from boounce.com" using NoScript (blocks duplicate filtering of Google and Bing search results)
- Please report incompatibilities

Download files:


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