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No More Install Delay



This addon removes that pesky add-on install delay. Yeah, it's a security fix, but how often do you press Alt-A and then Enter or space? You're smart enough to know that any place that tells you to click on a spot on the screen and type in a word is trying to trick you. You know all the tricks.

So why should you have to wait to install? Well, you don't. Firefox has a built in way of removing the delay. But some of you prefer to have an addon to do all the work for you rather than mess around in about:config. This addon is for you.

Now, just in case you don't know all about the risks, please read about it from the guy who discovered the problem.

Known Issues
  • Firefox is supposed to completely overhaul the addon install system, which should make this addon redundant. This is now available in Firefox 40. However, the Greasemonkey addition is still useful--for now.
  • Pressing and holding down alt and typing a word that has an a in it, plus hitting enter, can wind up installing an addon from an unwanted site. There's no legitimate reason for a site to ask you to do this, so leave said site immediately.

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