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Easy Read


Easy Read makes it easier to read sites on the web. It does this by blending links into articles on sites such as Wikipedia. Why? Well, links are great for building knowledge and context but when you're reading an article they often distract you and get in the way, making it difficult to focus on the actual content. Worse still is when you click away from the original article and 10 links down you don't remember anything about it at all.

Easy Read blends links, making it easier to focus on and remember the great content while still having the option of following links if and when you want to.

Multiple Wikipedia language sites support: Easy Read now supports all the Wikipedia language sites, eg. French, German, Spanish, etc.

* Hide links so they blend into a Wikipedia article. Links are still clickable for those times you really have to follow them.
* Only article links are hidden. Navigational and other links are left untouched.
* Show/hide links with a click on the status bar, right-click context menu or a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+Q).
* Choose whether links are automatically hidden or only on demand.

How To Use Easy Read
Once installed, Easy Read does the work for you. Visit any Wikipedia page (eg. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonardo_da_Vinci) and see the links blend into the article. Now you can focus on the great content and not get distracted.

If you want to see all links, just click the Easy Read icon in the status bar. Alternatively, choose Show/Hide Links from the right-click menu or press Ctrl+Shift+Q (Cmd+Shift+Q on Mac).

Hidden links are also clickable, so you don't have to always show links to follow them.

All these settings can be changed by right-clicking on the Easy Read status bar icon and choosing Options... (or from Tools > Add-Ons > Easy Read > Options).

Feedback, Suggestions & Issues
For feedback, suggestions and issues please go to the Easy Read Google Group.

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