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DiggiDig started as a clone of the old 'Diggler' extension.
It allows to navigate up the directory tree with just a few mouse-clicks.

I added a nice improvement in version 0.40 - now you can define your own URI-Actions.
Predefined actions are:
- Way-Back-Machine search
- Google Cache search
- W3C HTML Validation
- DNSstuff WHOIS search

But you can define any web-service querry (using your current URI) you can think of (you can do this from the DiggiDig-Options dialog - help page included).

Another useful feature is the 'paste-n-go' feature:
Click with your middle-mouse-button on the Diggidig-Icon to paste the contents of your clipboard to the adress-bar and open that site.

Finally, a click on the diggidig-icon empties the Location-Bar.

- go to 'View>>Toolbars>>Customize...'
- drag'n drop the diggidig-icon left of the location-bar

Download files:


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