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do not use with not matching version of firebug
for firebug 1.10 use version 1.10

One of the most common complaints that Firebug users have about the Firebug command line is that it is basically a text input field. Whilst this may be sufficient for the small command line it is not very well suited for the large command line. Acebug is a simple Firebug extension that brings some of the awesome features of the Ajax.org Cloud9 Editor (Ace) to Firebug's large command line.


- Syntax Highlighting for large command lline, HTML/CSS editors
- Auto completion along with hints! e.g. window.<ctrl+space>
- Load/Save to file
- Execute CoffeeScript directly in firebug console
- Execute selection
- Stream Comment
- Resource panel with support for scripts, images and stylesheets
and of course all of the niceties of Ace:
- JavaScript validation as you type.
- Drag and drop files into the large command line for editing
- Auto indentation and outdent
- Highlight matching parentheses,Highlight selected word
- Wordwrap
- Key bindings include Default, Vim and Emacs modes
- Themes
- Display hidden characters

We also plan on adding a bunch of new features to Acebug in the future:

- Integrate with the script panel so that the whole panel works with your chosen syntax highlighting when debugging
- The resource panel will be expanded to include many other resources
- Why stop at the script panel? There is no reason that the CSS and other panels in Firebug could not be replaced with Acebug panels.


Ctrl+Space|Alt+.|Ctrl+. - start autocompleter
Shift+Enter - add new code cell
start autocompleter in cell header (after #>>) to choose language (js or coffeescript), or to set value of "this" in the cell
Ctrl+Shift+B beautify selected code with js-beautify

Once Acebug is installed the large command line will be replaced by the Ace editor. This editor is used in the same way as Firebug's default large command line. The preferences can be changed via the "Options" button in the addon dialog.

How to Contribute

write reviews and spread the word about Acebug
more users means more testing, more new feature ideas and probably more pull requests:)

The source code is located in our GitHub repository and any bugs or feature requests can be reported through the GitHub issue tracker or through Acebug's context menu for convenience.

thanks for using Acebug!

Download files:


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