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Kaskus Quick Reply+


The latest version or beta version can be dowload at:

AjaxPost & Auto-Redirect
Enable: Sending / submit POST is silent (Ajax mode).
return XHR review found there a meta redirect. If so (post sent) then the redirect, otherwise display error (capcay wrong, delayed post)
Disable: ordinary post-submission. (fail? goto (Advanced-Mode): posted)
in some cases, Advanced is helping to overcome the failed post or "unknow error" reCAPTCHA

AutoGrow Textarea
Enable: height elastic textarea will follow it, with the property max-height adjustable dg (onresize) window is opened. When it reaches max, the scroll-y would occur.
Disable: textarea height static, there is a controller to increase is / Decrease height under the Settings button. (similar to the standard textarea behavior vbull kaskus)

Dynamic QR
Enable: main container QR moved close to where the Quick Reply button is clicked.
Disable: vice-versa.

Quick Quote (Experimental)
quote post directly from the page-source, without fetching (XHR)
[+] Improve faster quote (alternate);
[-] extended parsing tags yet complementary-sub (font, color, size; quote> spoiler) * todo
[-] do not / have not suport [youtube]
[-] dip all parsed image tag IMG (including Emote)
QQ more intended to quote a single post, although capable of multi-quote on one page.

Use with MultiFox (Experimental)
function for asynchronous addons Multifox with QR to run / work in multiple ID at the same time
Use with Multifox MUST be in the condition is checked if you want to use multifox on QR.
In the future this feature will automatically run the global default if it has been through several test and experimental stage.

some features may be added or absent in certain versions of QR

For more description :

For report issue/bug/request :

Bug Reports:
Provide the following information:
or something like that :)


Kaskus Quick Reply Userscript is an improvement of "kaskusquickreply" initialy founded by bimatampan.
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License

Kaskus brand is a registered trademark of www.kaskus.us
Kaskus Quick Reply(QR) is not related or endorsed by www.kaskus.us in any way.
This QR+ (Add-On) is transformed from the same version of the original QR script on USO as specified by author

Founder by bimatampan; http://bimatampan.wordpress.com
Author QR/QR+ by Idx; http://userscripts.org/users/idx
Addons packed by Piluze; http://ocean-leecher.net

Contributor :
s4nji, riza_kasela, p1nky, b3g0, fazar, bagosbanget, eric., bedjho, intruder.master, Rh354, gr0, hermawan64, slifer2006, gzt, Duljondul, reongkacun, otnaibef, ketang8keting, farin, drupalorg, .Shana, & all-kaskuser

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